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New Year - New Perspectives

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Happy New Year!!!

It’s 2022! When I was a child, that seemed so far away and futuristic. When I think about it, I realize a lot of what we take for granted today was not even imagined then.

These past 2 years have posed so many challenges for most of us. Our comfortable and familiar lives, our sense of normalcy, all upended in ways we never could have imagined. Our entire global family has been rocked on multiple levels and still struggles to regain balance in a climate that has not yet settled. One cannot help but sense the smack of potentially profound transformation.

Ever since I first learned of my mother’s illness, grief has been my constant companion even though she is still alive. I’ve been feeling and observing a buffet of emotions arising within me, triggered by things I thought had been healed.

This is the gift of grief.

I’ve been on a journey of opening up in a way I have not yet known. I have been keeping to myself for the most part, feeling that turning inward is the only way I can navigate this experience successfully.

Guilt is another prevalent feeling. There is an awareness within me that tells me guilt is one of the most harmful of all emotions. I have felt guilt for being happy. I have felt guilt come up randomly, here and there. While I am thrilled to be aware of this, I allow myself to acknowledge the guilt and feel it deeply because it’s there. I do not want to stuff it, avoid it or deny it. I must respect its instruction and avoid repeating a destructive familial and cultural pattern of avoiding uncomfortable truths.

We all have our various perspectives about the world in which we live however, we are unique beings in the way we experience and express life. Engaging in any comparison of one perspective versus another is a distractive futility, for each unique perspective informs the greater whole and expands a unified consciousness. Every single, irregular piece is essential to the integrity of the puzzle, just as each and every thread adds depth, dimension, texture and hue to the tapestry. Our bliss and fulfillment, indeed our greatest contribution to the greater whole, are found in the authentic expression of our essential nature. This is who we meet when we look deep within. To define self by external measures is to live inauthentically. This IS the great transition in which we find ourselves. It is a transformative moment in time. Many on a spiritual path have been waiting for this time to come, and yet are not fully enjoying its manifestation. Perhaps we have trouble seeing the thing we long for if it does not look or feel as we thought it might, or if it comes about by the ending of familiar things. The imposition of limitation restricts how reality unfolds. Remember the phoenix rising from the ashes? There are a few habits that we can adopt that will definitely help us navigate this unprecedented time:

Remember you are divine, and not just this physical being, you are a grand infinite BEING.

The understanding of this is not the realm of mind. This is HEART knowledge. Our open hearts are the path on which we tread toward connection and alignment with this perspective, surrendering all resistance to its flow and allowing it to guide, teach and inform every aspect of our lives. We are physical extensions bound to the whole by ethereal, energetic threads. As we grow through our earthly experience, we inform and contribute to the growth of the whole.

How do we accomplish the ‘allowing’?

We engage in the persistent and conscious creation of new patterns. Ask yourself; do I want to be a part of the great change? Do I want to help humanity? Do I want to create a world in which my children, and my children’s children can thrive, a world that reflects their greatness, a world that gifts them with blessings, creativity, joy, abundance, beauty, peace, wisdom & power? Imagine for a moment that the power to shape the future lies within you. The Iroquois knew this to be true;

The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

We live in a physical world governed by certain natural laws. Much study has been devoted through time to developing a greater understanding of these laws. But we all can choose how we feel. What are feelings? Simply put feelings are energy. Some of you may read this and think, of course they are because everything is energy; EVERYTHING IS ENERGY- E V E R Y T H I N G! Even that which we perceive as solid matter is simply an eloquent dance of electromagnetic energy. And we, too, are electromagnetic energy! So, on an energetic level, we speak the language of matter. It isn’t a stretch, then, that conscious direction of energy can affect matter. If feelings are energy, how we feel has a powerful affect on the physical world.

This truth does not compute in the mind, how can it? Truth is a feeling. Our minds are here to protect the physical body and the physical world we decided to live in temporarily. The Ego part of the mind is a wonderful tool we were given to use when needed. It’s our servant, it IS NOT who we are.

When we can BE in the divine presence, our true nature, we have access to the wisdom that we all have within, because we are not being pulled around by the ego/mind. I want to be clear; the Ego is awesome! Social media would not be what it is today without it. I mean, when we use it consciously, instead of allowing it to pull us around like a dog on a leash, it serves us well.

As conscious beings, we have choices in every moment. When we are distracted by past or future thoughts, we are not able to perceive these choices. The point of active creation/manifestation is always the present moment. We only truly exist in the present moment.

PRESENCE is the gift of BEING in the flow, the pulse of life.

While we are in an unconscious state, we are unaware of the pulse of life, of the great intelligence of which we are a part. This is not to say we must always be present. Our experience here is as human BEINGs, but we remain connected to our divine self at the same time. It’s THE time to embrace our own divine essence and increase our vibrational frequency to match the increasing vibrational frequency of the evolving universe. Who wants to miss that ride!!

Ok so how do we stay conscious?

*Moment to moment. Keep mind focused in the present moment.

*With loving care for ourselves and a commitment to growing, flowing and loving.

*Remind ourselves there is SO much more than we have been told, so much more than we can perceive with our limited senses or understand with our minds.

*Spend time within yourself often, exploring your inner world. YOU are a unique expression of consciousness.

*We love ourselves when we notice that we were unconscious, self compassion is a high frequency and by the way, when we notice…we ARE conscious! LOVE yourself for recognizing that you had an aware moment. This will build a delicious momentum of more and more moments of awareness. And remember that all love is self-love

*Surrender to the divine intelligence of which you are a part. All wisdom is within and accessible.

*Surrender any expectations you may have that originate from limiting beliefs and patterns. Trust divine mind and offer no resistance to its flow within you, about you and through you. Remember that EVERYTHING is electro-magnetic energy held intimately by the greatest and only force - LOVE

As I see it;

Please know that everything expressed here is my perspective in this moment. I do not expect anyone to agree or disagree, it’s simply me expressing how I am feeling in this moment, for the purpose of giving yet another perspective of truth. I do not believe there is only one truth, I know many do. I feel the ‘truth’ is only in the here and now and is continually changing.

In Divine Love;

Debra Harding

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