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Loving Ourselves is a Gift to Humanity

What is the Law of Attraction? Basically, it means that where we are “vibing “ from is what we are attracting into your experience.

To offer an example, sarcasm was a common form of expression in my family. As a child, I never understood sarcasm, even though I had used it from time to time. Once I started paying attention to my frequency, or how I felt, I started to see that sarcasm had some underlying emotions attached to it, and it didn’t feel good. Once I decided to make feeling good a priority, I noticed all those patterns that created a denser (negative?) vibration within me. This is something that I had always felt as a child, but at the time, I could not identify it.

Paying attention (being conscious or mindful), takes practice because it can be very subtle. I recall conversations with family, where we talked about our childhood memories, and in one particular instance, we were reminiscing about my teenage years, I could 'feel' the disdain in their voices. Their laughter was tense, and I could sense there was still some emotional attachment to this memory.

We become so distant from our emotions because we tend to distract ourselves from them; most of the time this is unconscious. We turn to drinking, drugs, overeating, and these days, technology. We are living at a time of great change that is coming fast and furious and it will be transformational! Everyone is noticing the days seem to fly by. Energetically, it actually is, even though time is a 3rd dimensional construct, it's a good analogy to explain higher frequency. The frequency of the universe is speeding up (expanding), and we are creating at a much faster pace. When we think about all that we have accomplished as a society within the last hundred years, it is no match for the last decade!

From my perspective the only way to truly navigate this challenging time is to be consciously aware – aware of our thoughts and how they make us feel.

The guide that comes through me these days (named Ariya), has said that conscious awareness IS the way to make an impact in the world right now. I've said it many times; LOVING OURSELVES is how we change the world. Being conscious of thoughts and emotions creates an awareness of our frequency or vibration.

Our priority above all else, needs to be that we see our vibrational output as a sacred energy. By loving ourselves, in essence we are caring for our planet as citizens of the universe.

We can describe this time as the Golden Age, The Great Awakening, the 5th Dimension or The Time of Ascension. Whatever we want to call it, it really does not matter. It doesn't mean that if you choose not to become consciously aware that you are hindering this magical time, not at all. It's happening with or without you. At the same time, when you make the choice to become aware, your world will change, your perspective will become much larger, your heart energy will expand, and then you can feel the big role you play at this this incredible time.

For many years now, through hundreds & hundreds of sessions and channelings, I have heard from non-local beings expressing through me that we have come here to experience joy & happiness. We have decided on a soul level to come to Earth for this physical experience, to express life through the body we have now, and we have done it many, many times. We are not meant to be anything other than ourselves, as we remember who we are, more and more we become the expression of the God/Source/Creator/Life Force Energy that we came here to be. The unique expression that is us is THE reason we are here.

Part of our choice to come here is to remember all of this - it’s kind of like a game, so not to be taken too seriously – it’s about having fun playing the game - the game of remembering: YOU ARE LOVE, everything is love, and love is truly the driving force of the universe.

Loving ourselves IS the way to help others remember, the more we love ourselves the more we want to give love, after all, life is for giving. When we begin to consciously raise our frequency by loving ourselves, we begin to experience the higher frequencies where there is no right or wrong, no need for forgiving ourselves or others, there is no anger, loneliness, no confusion, no shame, or guilt. These are all dense energy concepts.

What is love?

I am aware that many people see ‘love’ as being the opposite of fear or hate. The LOVE I am speaking about is the energy that creates worlds. I have explored other words to describe this energy, but I always come back to LOVE. All the higher frequency Beings that I have come in contact with express this energy to me in a way that I can only describe as LOVE, because essentially, LOVE created the universe - this glorious, infinite universe - that was never born and will never die… Infinite, Endless & Eternal. Which also means always moving, growing & expanding.

Isn’t loving ourselves selfish?

YES it is! That’s how love works, LOVE is whole - as we give love, we are receiving it, as we receive it, we are giving it. So Being IN love with ourselves is where it starts. Here is an analogy; when we look into the mirror we cannot see a smiling face until we smile first.

Being the one to smile is a wonderful feeling, smiling changes our energy field, so we feel good, it’s selfish.

Be selfish, and fill yourself with love, so you overflow with this divine energy and it will spill onto others.

I love you.


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