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It's Father's Day

There are no memories of celebrating Father's Day for me. My father left when I was six years old. The memories I do have are of missing him so much. I would cry at night wishing my daddy would come and get me.

I met my father again in my late teens. He was in no way a father figure. However, he introduced me to a whole new world. The concept of spirituality entered my awareness, which changed the course of my life.

My father is now 90 years old. His wife of 4 years recently died in his arms. He lives far from me, alone, blind and going senile.

After my mother's death last year, I decided to dive deep into the experience of grief. With a broken heart, I was able to feel things that I had shoved down for many years. I am deeply grateful for who my mother was and how she raised me.

Now there's dad, who didn't raise me and showed no interest in my life.

Who is this man? He's a spiritual teacher, and very dedicated to helping people to see who they really are. He's written many books and created lots of videos. He helped people all across the world to see a different view of life.

Celebrating Father's Day was not something that was part of my life. However, today I feel differently, grief has shown me aspects of myself and this experience of humanness, that have opened my eyes.

I am now able to appreciate life from the big picture. It brings me solace.

Within me I have a knowing that my parents got together to create me and I chose them as well. The magic that is present in this thing called the human experience, is evident when I want to see it.

There's a great intelligence at foot here.

With the extreme events this beautiful world is experiencing at this time and space. I view it as all perfect within its imperfection.

As someone who feels life so deeply and always have, since I was a child. If I heard the news of someone being hurt across the world, I felt the hurt. There are many people like me out there who have chosen not to close off the feelings that well up insid ine us.

We must feel! This is the new world we are entering. Feeling the pain within ourselves, others and our magnificent earth and all her creatures is what is changing it. Let's allow our feelings to guide us. No more hiding. No more looking to the outside for ourselves. Looking within and listening to your soul, it WILL remind us to look up and within.

To embrace the big beautiful picture here. The old ways can no longer exist, it's very clear, it has to crumble so the new world can emerge.

Let us celebrate not only our biological fathers, but also all the fathers that came before us. Let us FORGIVE the fathers who have forgotten their hearts and led with greed.

Let us feel deeply and allow our broken hearts to fill with divine love so we may be guided in the direction loving ourselves, each other and every living thing.

With Love Debra

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