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I'm Leaving the Spiritual Path

For so many years, I've said, believed & told people; "I am on a spiritual path".

Today, I am letting go of that concept. After all it is simply a concept, and I believed

in that idea for a long time. I now choose to simply live my life to the fullest, to embrace

the flow, to be present to the incredible human experience. Today I choose to continually

connect to the ever expanding love energy, you know, that intelligent energy that is

always moving around us and through us. Today I choose to open up my awareness to the

ever-present, glorious light that flows through everything. In my aware moments, I choose

not to label or judge anything.

Being here now is where it's at, flowing, therefore growing. Life is ever changing, I am life,

so I am always growing and expanding. I'm not the same person 10 minutes ago that sat down

to write this blog. I remain open to the infinite possibilities that are available to me in this moment.

In this awareness of the perfection of life, I can accept that owning crystals doesn't mean I'm

'spiritual', I love crystals they are beautiful, they remind me of living on this magnificent earth, but I don't believe they heal me, my love for them fills me, and this intelligent love fills me up and expands my frequency, where I feel whole. Looking outside of myself for healing implies to me that I am not perfect, that there is something wrong in this moment. I believe there is no 'healing' required when we align with the perfection of our divine presence.

I enjoy burning incense, but not because I'm spiritual, the scent reminds me of a blissful state I had staying

at an ashram and the familiar joyful scent can bring me there every time. Meditation is prominent in my life because over the years I have seen how different my decisions are, my physical wellbeing has increased, and my reactions turn into responses, amongst other many benefits I experience because of meditation.

Today I choose to live my life remembering I am a divine being, having this miraculous, magical, ineffable human experience, and I don't want to miss a thing. My goal is be aware as much of the time as possible.

Today I choose love in this moment, and being here & now is where I can feel the consistent flow of life pulsing through me. Today I choose Joy; it feels more natural today than yesterday, it feels like the energy from the bird song and the glow of the sun rising on the horizon. Joy is the inner giggle I feel when I move my body in the flow with music. Joy IS music. Today I choose to be me; the me I came here to be.

Today I choose peace; the still place inside of me that is not affected by the 'outside' world. Peace allows me to remain quiet within, as I look out from this peaceful place, I will find the same. Today I remember when I am in the flow of love and joy, it is happiness that overflows onto everything & everyone around me. Today I am grateful for being alive on this miraculous earth!

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