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Embracing our humanness

As I was on my walk this morning, the thought came to me; why do we humans resist 'what is' so much?

This human experience is to be cherished and to be lived with reverence.

I've talked with spirit, beings beyond the veil for years, they tell me all the time that there is no difference between us and them except that we are in body.

This human experience is a gift, as I walked in the snow with my boots filling up with this cold fluffy substance, the wind was pushing the snowflakes into my face and I couldn't help but feel this experience alone is awesome!

It's fleeting, this moment will never happen again. Most of the time I remember this, I want to be fully present so that I don't miss anything.This joy-filled moment will always rest inside of me as an experience that brought me peace and joy. I don't need to remember the circumstances, the feeling I have in this moment is what pulses through me and that's what I remember.

Embracing our humanness helps us in so many ways. This acceptance alone opens us up, to the light, to our divine essence, to life force energy, we then become aligned with the fullness of life.

Reminding ourselves often, that we are more than just this body, we are so much more. When we can bring those parts of us together, there is so much we can accomplish.

It's in the 'feeling good' place that we attract more experiences to feel good about. When we can tap into the joy, and it doesn't matter if it's often or not, it fills our entire being and as we bathe in it we are telling our bodies and minds that feeling good, feeling joy, feeling happy is a normal thing and more of it WILL come. This is the law of attraction that so many people talk about.

We can tell ourselves it's hard to feel good, we can tell ourselves that there's too much 'out there' that is causing us pain and we can tell ourselves that our past is preventing us from feeling good.

You know, I've learned and I am continuing to learn, that it doesn't have to be hard, it can be easy to feel good. We only need to feel good in this moment. Just for now.

We just have to decide, do we want to or not? ☺️🙏🌏❤️

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