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Closer to Peace

With my mother’s passing, I have discovered some beautiful effects of grief. For instance, I talk to her more and feel deeply when I hear her favorite music. There is an aliveness that is more prevalent than before. My relationship with her is different, not just because I can no longer see her with my eyes or feel her hugs, it’s different because I no longer have any ill feelings towards her. I remember the wonderful things about her and our relationship.

In those moments of deep sadness, those waves of crushing pain of not having her here anymore, I remind myself that when I feel these emotions, and I allow the bubbling up of grief, that I am here now, and closer to peace.

The peace I am talking about is not outward, it is an inner state of being. It’s a stillness that is uncovered and feels so natural.

No matter what it is we are experiencing as feelings, it is a common thing to push those feelings down, sometimes using, food, alcohol, drugs, and busy ness. Our culture has taught us that since we were babies.

We are all experiencing a kind of grief, no need to be specific here, there is a general sadness throughout the planet.

Remember: in order to clean the house, we must see the dirt. It’s uncomfortable yes, but allow yourself to grieve, let it flow up and out. Then remind yourself, that all of this is waking us up to infinite possibilities. We are closer to that peace we all seek. That state of being that does not waver when life gets tough.

I’m sure all who are reading this must have felt, most likely for years, that something had to give. The way humanity was going had to change. Well change is here. We might not like how it’s manifesting, but it’s happening. Let’s keep our focus on that part and let’s grieve together. Feel and Be.

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Janice Lee
Janice Lee
Feb 27, 2022

Beautiful Debra. And amazing picture. I feel your grief and I send you love and healing. When you are ready let’s get together. Love you ❤️

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