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Channeled message of Love

The following is a channeled message from ‘Aryia’ an energy that has asked to come through me to share this message: With February 14th - Valentine's Day coming up, we would like to speak to you about love, we mainly wish to focus and discuss the expanded version of the concept of LOVE. When we can align with and tune into our grandness; the ‘human’ problems begin to fall away, they seem less important or prominent in our vision. When we can open up our experience beyond the physical, we can see, we can hear, we can feel, the light of our soul. Why is this important and why are we choosing this topic? There are many individuals during this February 14th celebration of love, that tend to feel lonely and unloved. We are talking about the love that is not about having someone outside of ourselves love us, this conversation is about connecting to your own divinity which is in essence LOVE. How do we express it? How do we invite that into our day-to-day life? It used to be long ago on the earth we would invoke it by putting hands together at the heart to connect to what we believed to be a higher power outside of ourselves. We are suggesting that you do this again, to simply bring your awareness into your expanded state beyond the physical form, beyond the emotions, beyond the ego and to connect to the energy that creates worlds, the creator in you and the creator outside of you which are both one in the same. We ask that as you read this transmission, you ‘listen’ with your heart; you open up your energy beyond your form and feel the truth of your heart. We ask that you read it several times so that you may see it & feel it from different vantage points. Open up your perception in order to shift your perspective. We are asking at this time on earth to wake up, to tune into awareness, and observe. We ask that you step outside of yourself as an exercise and look at yourself from that perspective and realize that life is not just about your physical senses, it is so much more than your mind/ego can comprehend. So, sitting in your heart center, being aware of your energy field and as you breathe deep & slow and read, you are tuning into that of which we speak, the expanded part of you that is grand, IT IS REAL, unlike your thoughts and your emotions and your problems and your habits. It is time to go beyond all of that, so you can remember that part of you, that always exists, it has no ending and no beginning. We ask that you take that time whether it be 5 minutes or an hour to be in the light, to welcome this high delicious frequency. It is not for you to understand, as this is mind stuff. Feel it right now, in this moment. This is the time to walk as a human being and align with the essence that created you. Yes it is possible now, it is important now, it is the time to wake up and see yourself as the infinite being that you are and the more often you do this during your day and every day you will acclimate to this frequency and begin to be comfortable in the higher state, you will notice your body shifting and changing, you will notice your perception is wider and clearer, you will start to be aware of synchronicities and you will feel the trees communicating with you, the animals will notice you more. Before you know it, you will start to build your telepathic ability, your mind will slow down and be quiet more often. We ask that you take this information into every fiber of your being and embody it. Be open to receive it and it will be. We are all beings of the universe, even though we are speaking to you as a human on earth, we are also speaking to you as a citizen of the universe, as WE are also a citizen of this glorious universe, we are all one, we are ALL connected! Divine being, know that you ARE LOVE, beyond your current comprehension. The more and more you embrace this in your heart, in your BEING, the less scary it will be, the less mysterious it will, the more comfortable in your daily life you will become. Know this; this message is more than the words you are reading; it is in response to your soul’s desire to wake up!

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