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During school, I didn't see any point in learning about history, but now I feel that we need to look back at how the people were controlled through fear and the result of that. It seems to me history is being repeated.

More than ever, the message of 'checking in' with how we feel, is so important. How do you feel in this moment? Are you aware of your feelings? Is your breath flowing?

I invite you to ask yourself some more questions:

How do I truly 'feel' about what is going on? Do I like how I feel when I hear the news of people against each other?

As I write this post my heart is racing, and tears are welling up in my eyes. It is so crazy to me how people are acting.

Fear, anger & blame only create more of the same. The same is true of love, peace, acceptance, & compassion.

Love, peace, acceptance & compassion feel good, when we feel good, our bodies function better, our relationships are better, our energy raises, and we see the world from a higher perspective.

Love is a powerful force, it's stronger than fear & hatred.

When we drop into our hearts as often as possible, we become familiar with the feeling of love, self compassion, peace & joy.

Let's get familiar with the most powerful force there is, filling our being with LOVE truly makes a difference. You are not powerless, YOU ARE POWERFUL!!

We are in this human experience to feel good, to experience joy and happiness.

There are those that say that is a woowoo perspective and there are those that know how to feel the powerful force of LOVE. When we align with the intelligence of life we experience the powerful force that animates all of life including you.

So, let's take our attention off of the stories on social media, TV news and newspapers. Let's go outside, look up at the sun, the moon, the trees, the animals and remember THAT is what is real, and that is what we focus on. We focus on what makes us feel good, dancing, singing, being in nature, painting, playing etc.

While we are in the moment enjoying life, we ARE changing the energy around us. We are contributing to the higher frequency of LOVE.

Most importantly, let's remember in this intelligent universe, everything is happening for our growth, for our highest and greatest good. We may not know the reason this is happening, but we can drop into our hearts to be reminded, it's all perfect. We can let go and trust in the universal intelligence that we are part of.


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