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In Person Intuitive Reiki Level Two
Saturday, March 2nd 2024


Classes are limited to 4 people for 6 hours,  a light healthy lunch, a manual, attunement and certificate are included.

Tuition; $300

What is Reiki?

I've come to see Reiki as Conscious Love, everyone does Reiki, they simply are not aware of it. An example of this is; when a young child falls down and hurts them selves, the mother's heart opens and before they are able to reach the child their heart opens and sends love, when they arrive to the child, they hold them and kiss their booboos away.
This is conscious love.
Intuitive Reiki open's us up to the Life Force Energy that is already all around us, it turns on the light switch within us, so we may consciously allow our bodies be a vessel of conscious love & light.

"The course was fabulous -- the one-on-one structure allowed the class to be tailored to me, with lots of time for questions and discussions. It was a true pleasure, looking forward to more!" M.M

Learn Reiki Online,
In-Person, Private or in Group 

Online Private Intuitive Reiki Level One

Level One Reiki is about opening up to our innate ability to heal ourselves, to love ourselves and become the life force energy in our daily lives. 

During these trying times, many of us are now seeing that there is more to this life that meets the eye. Reiki helps us tap into our divine essence, our higher selves so we may be to aware in our daily lives. It's a launch pad for our spiritual path. 

Level One Intuitive Reiki Private classes are taught online over a 3-week period. 

Each week builds onto the other, with the 'homework' in-between each class. The last class the student receives a full Intuitive Session with me which brings it all together energetically. Also Included: a full manual, recorded meditations for the self healing practice & a certificate of completion. Students are welcome to communicate with me for further guidance if needed. 

​or more information and to get a chance to meet with me, I offer a free

15-minute discovery call

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