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Align w/the Divine 
Essence in YOU

A culmination of 20+ years as an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner and Teacher led Debra to create her Align with Your Divine Essence - Intuitive Reiki Sessions. 

What you can experience in a session: 

Develop an understanding of your energies/your essence and how to live from your soul. 

​Love and Live Life - Embody a perspective of seeing life from a higher view, and learn how to love the life you have with yourself and others, living to the brightest and fullest capacity.

Dancing with the Divine - Follow your intuitive heart, as you dance with the divine. Being more present and loving with ourselves, even when we catch ourselves in old patterns. Love is a powerful force, when we make awareness a priority in our lives, we learn that when we love every part of ourselves, we can go with the flow of energy that is our intuition.

Online & In Person Intuitive Sessions Available; 

In a session you will have the experience of connecting to your divine essence. You will receive channeled messages, giving your soul the answers, it has been asking for. Sessions are recorded because during the session you will receive healing energy along with verbal information that is also an energetic transmission.  This experience is uplifting, balancing, clearing and relaxing. 

​Each 1.5-hour Intuitive Reiki Session includes a client-specific release, divine card reading, recording, and discussion/counselling.

​In Person 90 minutes Session: $180​

Online 90-minute session: $145​

One-hour Online sessions; $125 ​

Half hour Online sessions: $80  

Video Testimonial

3 Session Deal: $495 (reg; $540)

​3 Sessions are booked a week apart. By committing to 3 sessions, there is a momentum created for deep healing. In the third session you can talk to guides directly for clarity and guidance, and receive a personalized guided meditation recording.

Private Online Intuitive Reiki Level One 

​These classes are geared to the individual, we cover meditation, origin of Reiki, how to do it, chakras, how to do self healing and more!

Intuitive Reiki Level One is about Self Love

​$300 Tuition

Included: A manual, (in PDF form) certificate of completion, an attunement, a personalized guided meditation recording & full session w/recording

Classes are done over a 3-week period, 2 hours a week including homework

Private In-Person Intuitive Reiki Level One 

These classes take place on a Saturday or Sunday for 6 hours. A light lunch is provided, along with tea and snacks. We will discuss the origin of Reiki, what it is, the importance​ of meditation, along with discussing the chakra system with a Chakra toning meditation. In private classes we can gear the class to your personal needs. A full one hour session is included w/recording.

$350 ​Tuition

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have:


​Intuitive Reiki Level One In Person Group Class;

Upcoming classes:  TBA

This class is a 6-hour class, with lunch, manual & Certificate included. $300

During this class we practice Reiki on each other. Bring a friend and  each of you receive 15% off !

Online Intuitive Level One Group Classes; Bring a friend and you both receive 25% off

2 hours a week for three weeks. Next classes: TBA

In-Person Group Intuitive Reiki Level 2; 

Level 2 takes further on our Reiki Journey. After level one we practiced on ourselves for 21 days, in Level 2 we learn how to be a channel for the Divine Reiki Energy for others.

We learn symbols to enhance the energy flow and how to do long distance Reiki. For practice we get out the paints!  In this class I arrange ahead of time with a ‘recipient’ and the class sends Reiki using the symbols and write down what they get, for the purpose of practice and validation. Afterwards we call the recipient to discuss their experience.

Upcoming dates for In person level 2; March 2nd 2024

The next In-Person Intuitive Reiki Master Class - TBA-Tuition is $520 – contact me for details



​If you would like to get a taste of what a session is like, Book a discovery Call Today!

Book Your Free 15 minutes Online Discovery Call Here!

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