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About Me

Spiritual Guide ~ Uplifter ~ Mindful Meditation Teacher ~ Conscious Channel

Reiki Master/Teacher

As a young child, I knew I was different ... divinely different. My understanding of life and living was beyond my chronological age, so as a young intuitive, my awareness was at a profoundly deep level.  My perspective on the world was not talked about, as it was so different from those around me.


My life path was not without stalls, twists and turns as I sought to discover the truth and wisdom that now allow me to flourish with ease and grace (for the most part), which is what I am now privileged to share with others. 


For 30 years I have been offering this wisdom to both individuals and groups on their divine journeys, using my gifts of Guiding Mindful Meditation, Reiki, Intuition, Conscious Channeling and Universal Understanding. My passion is to inspire people who have a ‘knowing’ that there is more to what we can ‘see, hear, feel and touch’ in this world; they want to remember who they truly are.


I do not consider myself to be a teacher.  I am, however, a leader in the sense that I am consciously on a path to expand my consciousness for the purpose of waking up to my quintessential inner being. 


If you are seeking guidance to relieve stress, to connect to your intuition, to live life to its fullest and connect to your higher self - all with the intention to discover the real you - I invite you to join me on my journey and we can discover it together.

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